What you’ll need for the premiere.

We will be setting up a stage that will house a 40 foot inflatable projector screen. We will also be transmitting sound via FM radio so that attendees can tune in and listen to the movie right from their vehicles. All we will need from you is a place to setup the stage in the parking lot and a place to run power. We will also provide volunteers to assist with parking and also carhops to sell popcorn, hot dogs, chips, and drinks for those vehicles in attendance. Our recommended parking lot size should be able to house a minimum of 200 cars. We would love for you to invite your members to purchase tickets online prior to arriving as we will also be promoting to the general public in the area.

Ticket Sales

Tickets will be sold on this website prior to the event for$25 per vehicle. For vehicles wanting to pay when they arrive, we will charge $35 at the gate. A statement will be provided detailing the number of tickets sold at this 2 night event. 15% of total ticket sales will be donated to your ministry as a gift of gratitude.

Scheduling a Drive-In Premiere Date

To schedule a drive in date for your ministry, please contact Shirley Weber at shirleywebergforce@yahoo.com or by phone at 225.933.5816

We look forward to working with you to spread the Gospel through film!

About the film

We are excited to partner with your ministry in spreading the Word of God through film! The Perfect Mate tells the story or a struggling young man that has veered far from having any relationship or faith in God. When he’s invited to visit Rev. Adams’ home for the weekend he has an encounter that allows him to see that God is real. He learns that life with Christ isn’t about religion, it’s about a relationship. He also learns that real success comes when he chooses to commit his works to the Lord. Through this family, Jesse learns that God is real and that by trusting in Him, you can find your purpose and destiny. Hope serves as an example to young women to hold onto their virginity until God sends them a husband. We even see a husband who is struggling to lead his family, find the courage to stand up and lead his family according to God’s will.  The soundtrack to this heartwarming film was crafted by Gospel Recording artist, Luther Wardlaw from The Wardlaw Brothers. From smooth harmonies, orchestral arrangements, to foot stomping Gospel, The music in this film will definitely have you coming back for more.

Relationship Discussion Guide

In addition to the film, we have partnered with relationship counselors, Larkin & Shirley Weber to offer a FREE discussion guide title “Just What The Doctor Ordered for The Perfect Mate”. In this discussion guide, Authors Larkin & Shirley Weber break down scenes from the movie with scriptures and teachings on how to avoid pitfalls when dating and in marriage such as intimacy, boundaries, and more. Click Here to View Guide

Our goal in making this film was to create a light-hearted movie, that draws you in and implants the Word of God in you right when you least expect it. This film will greatly bless the body of Christ but it will also be a tool to minister to the masses who would not ordinarily subscribe to viewing Christian films.

Contact Us to Begin!

To schedule a drive in date for your ministry, please contact Shirley Weber at shirleywebergforce@yahoo.com or by phone at 225.933.5816

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